Catching the Zubar with spinners

Catching the Zubar with spinners

The basic zubar catching principles with spinners are similar to fishing for navaga. But there is a small differences number:

1. Leader diameter 0.16 - 0.18 mm, length 50-70 sm
2. Spinners for a zubar, as a rule, meet the following criteria: a spinner fairly thin body made of silver, brass various brands (for example, "green" is a common name for brass, which has a characteristic greenish tint) and bronze (karo), as well as these metals combinations
3. Catching zubar usually occurs on 2-8 branches from the bottom
4. Swings with fishing rods are usually smoother than fishing for navaga
5. Sometimes, for more effective zubar catching, we hang a small piece of mobyskin, green or pink on the spinner tip. You can also use thread, mohair and other the same colours' chemistry.

More experienced fishermen prefer to catch zubar with "combined baits"

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