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The emergence' history

I started fishing from early childhood, from the 6 age. Love for this wonderful activity, my uncle instilled in me. He often took me on all fishing kinds, such as fishing for flounder, rudd, crucian carp, perch, crab, squid. But most of all I liked the winter, ice fishing.

I still remember my first outing on the ice when I was 8 years old and caught 700 pieces of smelt for spinners. Probably this catch and a lot of positive emotions from fishing for the little boy served as a starting point for professional fishing. I made my first spinner when I was 9 years old, after watching my uncle do it. By the way, my uncle was not only a famous fisherman but also an artist. He experimented continuously in making spinners with all shapes' kinds and metals combinations.

A fishermen huge number caught on his spinners, including me. On every fishing trip, my uncle and I tested both his new developments and my first spinners made with my own hands. Also, the spinners best catching models were borrowed from our fishermen friends, who, like us, introduced something new into the spinner' structure.
As a result, the seasoned fishermen several generations richest experience was embodied in my spinners' collection.

After 20 years of fishing, I managed to accumulate invaluable experience, both in the spinners' production and in fishing with them. My spinners making each process consists of more than 40 different operations, which results in a spinner that not only perfectly catches fish, but also gives a pleasure huge amount to the Fishermen. Today I produce spinners for smelt, navaga, perch, zubar, etc. The spinners line has more than 100 models made from various coloured and precious metals combinations: bronze, brass, copper, nickel silver, silver, gold.

Also, my production covers related fishing products such as sinkers, covers, fishing rods. Each of my spinners models is tested in combat conditions before launching into mass production. In the improving process my spinners, both spinning recognized masters and ordinary fishing enthusiasts are involved. All useful tips and tricks are taken into account and introduced into the production process.

IE Musurok Vladimir Vladimirovich

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